Rodney Bay, St. Lucia – Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines 12-12/31-12

Happy New Year and a fabulous 2019.

Here in Bequia we celebrated New Year’s Eve with friends, some drinks and food on Asha with a New Year’s Eve Dutch specialty, oliebollen (kind of doughnut balls) and for the fire works we went to the beach. Feet in the water with a glass of champagne in our hands, feels like paradise. At the moment we have a very busy social life, Ocean Cruisers Club is very active and as soon as we arrived in Bequia we were invited for our first drink in the Whaleboner and it was followed by many more. We also followed Salsa lessons at The Fig Three and I discovered that my rhythm needs some well education 😊. Hiking is not a problem just one step forward followed by another one up hill, downhill no rhythm there. Bequia is such a small island you can go everywhere by foot and everywhere the view is great.

No rhythm problems with the rum tour, the distance between the pubs where not that big, sometimes not more than 20 meters.

This Christmas we where with a lot of cruiser in The Fig Three where a pot luck was organised. We brought our own meat for the grill and a side-dish to share and there were a lot of side-dishes at star restaurant standards. It was superb and we needed boxing day to have a rest, but I think that’s where boxing day is for 😊.

Without jobs we are not really the Fairy Queen. Our ONAN generator stopped, probably we didn’t use it enough, so in 2019 we are going to dismantle it. We already bought a new generator in Rodney Bay, a Honda 2.2i, we could make a very good deal and we can already load our batteries with it. At the moment no problems with that as we have a lot of wind and a lot of sun. Plan is to go up north again at the end of the week when easterly winds are back again, its time to leave Bequia.

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