Martinique, St. Lucia, Carriacou, 5 – 21 May 2019

We suffer of an empty nest syndrome after the family left. We want to go from Grande Anse to Rodney Bay in St. Lucia to pick up a part for our water maker but we can’t clear out in Petit Anse, office is closed on the 6th of may and one day later the wind is not favourable anymore. Change of plan, first to Sainte Anne a short motor sail where we can do our laundry and some shopping. We walk again to petit Anse to stretch our legs and see how they launch a local boat. It’s a lot of work to put on the sail and you need a lot of people to sail such a boat, but it looks wonderful.

A small celebration of Ronald’s birthday, a burger from the barbecue with a bit of salad on board of the Fairy Queen with a glass of wine looking at the view, not bad to start your 51st year. Our plan to rent a car when we finally arrive in Sainte Anne is not working out. There is not one car we can rent, French holidays, the have a lot of French holidays in the beginning of May. So, change of plan, we have enough to do. Laundry, we didn’t have a clean sheet anymore and we did also were a lot of different clothes during the family visit, result 2 machines of 14 kilo to wash.

As the water maker is still not working we have to get water with jugs, takes some time and of course we had to clean the boat inside. And with al this cleaning and moving stuff around I still couldn’t find the buttons for the outside lights.

When we finally get a car it’s a Renault Twingo, it has a very small trunk for all the shopping we want to do but it drives fantastic. We go to our favourite shop, Decathlon and buy bikini’s, shorts, t-shirts, weights and everything that suddenly is in our bag 😊. We also buy a new bread baking machine as we don’t like the bread that much on the islands under Martinique, we are a bit spoiled. Then off to another of our favourite shops, Leader Price for wine, beer, peanuts, duck breast and everything we like. It’s quite exhausting to go shopping. A day later we make a tour to the east coast of the island. This part is a little bit rougher and there is a lot of seaweed on the beaches which is very very smelly. We find a nice restaurant just out of the stinky belt and have a nice meal and the beer tastes very well doesn’t its Ronald 😊.

As we want to leave Martinique on Tuesday we luckily check when BouBou is open, here we can check out in Sainte Anne, and well he is on holiday and there is no note when he will be back. We still have the car so we check out in Le Marin and stay illegally a day in Martinique. A nice sail to St. Lucia, pick up the endcap for the water maker and after another illegal night in St. Lucia of to Carriacou. Here we put the endcap on the water maker and we have water again, a small leakage as the rubber rings are not good anymore but friends take them for us from St. Maarten.

In Carriacou we wait for a window to sail to Tobago (Trinidad and Tobago) and friends tell us that there is piracy in-between Grenada and Trinidad and that boats go in convoy to Trinidad. Our back-up plan was to sail to Trinidad if there was a tropical storm coming up when we were anchored in Grenada but that plan is off. As there is no window to go to Tobago the next week or so we change plan again. Bonaire here we come. Now it still is quiet so we can pick up a mooring and stay some time in beautiful Bonaire, no punishment at all. The honey we bought in Carriacou is lovely, nice to have with our breakfast as we sail to Bonaire. We only hope that we will catch some fish on our way.


2 thoughts on “Martinique, St. Lucia, Carriacou, 5 – 21 May 2019

  1. Cees en Anneke

    Ha Nicol en Ronald,

    Het was weer even geleden dat ik op jullie site heb gekeken. Altijd leuk hè familie of vrienden aan boord. En plannen zijn er om te wijzigen. Wij toeren gezellig door Friesland. Ook leuk. Een soort van Elfstedentocht maar dan niet schaatsend maar varend. Gr Cees en Anneke


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