Guadeloupe, Saint Martin (French site of Sint Maarten) March 2019

From Guadeloupe to Saint Martin, very comfortable sail with an average of 6 knots, still learning how to sail the Fairy Queen, it’s getting better every time. Fishing is not going that well, we caught fish but they are to big, lost an other bait and 100 meters of line.

As we arrive at Saint Martin, the 3rd of March we immediately enjoy the carnival over here. It is really a Caribbean carnival, every day a parade with music and dancing.


On the French site you can still see the damage of Irma, buildings are waiting to be broke down and a lot of roofs are not on buildings, they are building everywhere with concrete now but here is still a lot of work to do. The Dutch side looks better and you can get every part for your boat that you want. Also, the supermarket, Super U on the French site and the French bakery have everything you want. The Carrefour on the Dutch side is not ready yet but there is a shuttle from Island Water World on the Dutch site to the big Carrefour near Philipsburg once a week.

We start to dismantle the water maker to renew the O-rings, cleaning the compression fittings and after testing it is without leakage, nothing broke, if you can get parts ……. everything goes well 😊.The fuel tanks are looking perfect, we can see through the diesel and see the bottom, no problems there.

After visiting friends, we discover that they use a heater on gas, which means hot water whenever you want it. We love to have that too so we found some place in the boat, some ventilation is needed, and ordered the heater in America. The heater was in two days in Miami where it is waiting for a ship to Sint Maarten, so we have time to do the tube work, and as the shipment will take some time we decided to start to dismantle the Onan, it is not working anymore and we have a small Honda now, and dismantle the old freezer. The space we have now is huge, we can put a lot of stuff on that spot 😊.

Of course, it is not only work we do. We have a lovely time with friends here, coffee, diner, happy hour (1US$ a beer during happy hour at Lagoonies) and to the Chinese restaurant. We can borrow a car from True Blue and make a tour around the Island, we visit Philipsburg where we buy a new phone. Very needy as we couldn’t talk with our old one without putting the speaker on on, very annoying. We have lunch at Orient Bay, spectacular beach and view and really good French food at Kontiki  with of course a bottle of French wine.


And finely our heater is arriving and at the end of the day we enjoy a hot shower. Now we only need a good weather window to Antigua, until now there is a lot of south in the wind but the 1st of April, no joke, the wind turns to the North and we can sail to Jolly harbour, Antigua after cleaning the prop.

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