Bowden Harbor, Jamaica 16-1 / 27-1

In the morning, as we wake up, the top of the Blue Mountains is clear and our challenge is waiting for us. Another adventure is getting at the lodge from where we will start our hike. We start by walking for a short while and we get some apples from a Rastafarian man who wishes us a good trip, man.



The top of the Blue Mountains is at 2.200 meters and expected temperatures are between 8 and 12 degrees Celsius. Ronald and I have only one pair of long trousers but I can take, lucky me, also my thermo underwear, a hat and a raincoat, but for now we can still were our short trousers and flip-flops.


To Morant Bay the roads are still good and we do some shopping before we go to Cedar Valley our second stop. Here you cannot have lunch and if they have some lunch you will not like it 🙂 so we took some patties with us. The road to Cedar Valley is very bad and a car will not survive very long if it has to drive every day over such roads, but the driver knows his car very well and misses almost all holes in the road. In Cedar Valley a four-wheel drive is waiting for us, Ronald is fond of this cars but as we are still having a boat ……. not yet Ronald.

The road gets worse as we are going up the mountain, we even cross small waterfalls but finally after 5 hours we arrive at the lodge and have our first cup of Blue Mountain coffee, lovely. No fire in the fireplace though, Everton has a little stress, he has also to burn some coffee beans.

We can join after our diner and help with burning the beans.

Next we are on our way, it is cold, there is a lot of wind but after we start walking we are getting warm immediately. It’s a heavy trip, not because of the length, its only 8 kilometers, but it is the steepness which goes almost all the time at the same percentage. We go up 1.000 meters over these 8 kilometers and that will be 12,5% all the way, it took us almost three hours.

We are happy to arrive at the top, it’s a beautiful hike and after a small rest it started to rain and we are hiking back in the rain. The path turns in a small river and we slip and sliding down and get all soaked. The last part our knees are hurting the Jacobs ladder is a bit steeper than the rest and we are already fatigue.

But when we arrive at the lodge we get our fire and we sit very satisfied with a beer in front of the chimney, just smiling and warming up. When we go to bed we put our clothes in front of the fire and hope they will dry, but it doesn’t help, it is too humid here. Even our dry clothes are a kind of wet. After a huge breakfast we say goodbye to Everton and go back to the boat, there we we can warm up.

The temperature is at the moment 28 degrees and well my muscles like that more than the wet cold. After a few days we are recovered and it is time to do some work.




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