Bonaire, 25-6-2019 / 25-8-2019

Last two months flew away, we are not so busy with maintenance as we have plenty of time. We at least stay another two months here. We have a lot of fun and the little cruisers community is great.

Twice we did rent a car so we could drive around the island, Bonaire is more than a diver’s paradise. The flamingo’s, the donkey’s and the diversity of the small island is big not only under water.

We go shopping, this is much easier if you have a car, have some lunch and visit Bon Terra. Bon Terra is a farm where they grow vegetables like tomatoes, rucola, spinach and cucumbers. The farmers started one and a half year ago and now deliver to the supermarket and restaurants, on Tuesday and Thursday they are open for public from 2 to 5 p.m. The vegetables are nicer and you can keep them fresh much longer than the ones you buy in the supermarket.

During the tour around the island we know why we have a pick-up. The roads sometimes just disappear and become sand roads, for a pickup not a problem but after we cross a dry river we notice that we have a flat tire. Not a problem for Ronald, he will fix it, but with this Chinese pickup it doesn’t work out. But the service from Fairmiles is splendid, after we called them somebody arrived with another tire and within 20 minutes we were driving again 😊.

We also get visitors on the Fairy Queen, a lazy young pelican stays on the boat for 3 hours but when he started to shit on the deck we throw him overboard. We never saw him catch a fish he is just begging for it at the fischerman.

Women Divers Day, 20th July, lovely day, first an hour of yoga, another hour of diving and finishing with a perfect healthy vegetarian lunch and raffle. A bit crowded under water but it was a lovely morning.

A wind reversal on Bonaire, it’s scary, the wind and the waves come from the south west. The waves are banging on the wall and breaking just behind our boat. The rangers of Stinapa warned everybody and helped the boats in the inner ring who had to move. Rene of SY Bleu Pearl made a movie . We were standby to move if it was getting worse, you are allowed to use the diver moorings at Klein Bonaire where you don’t have a problem with the waves or just sail around and wait until it’s over. Beginning of the evening the wind dropped down and al was left was a rolly night because of the swell.

On my birthday we went to Something Special a dive site just next to the marina and found a frogfish, wat a present. Every time you go diving its like a treasure hunt and after finding a seahorse myself at White Slave you want to go again and again to find something special,   made by Carolyn, thank you  🙂

With Carolyn and Andrew, I had another beautiful dive, my first night dive, exciting but beautiful, you see the colours light up as you point your light on a fish. Big tarpons hunting in the light and catching fish just in front of you, the lobsters are not hiding behind the rocks but looking for food, it’s a totally different world at night. We also did see the ostracods that night, 20 minutes without light sitting in the dark, but when the ostracods begin to light its if you’re in space and you even get some visibility.

And yes, we did a little bit of work, we suspended it every time but when we are arriving in Curaçao marina in a few days it will be work for a few weeks 😊

2 thoughts on “Bonaire, 25-6-2019 / 25-8-2019

  1. Frank

    Hoi Ronald en Nicole,

    In de aanloop naar het mannen-survival-weekend dacht ik eens even te checken hoe het jullie vergaat. Zo te zien is het allemaal goed vol te houden, wat heet ! Je haren zijn wel wat dunner geworden door een overkill aan zonne-uren waarschijnlijk. Volgende maand zal ik je wel proberen uit te leggen dat de camping in Frankrijk ook zijn spectaculaire momenten heeft (douche gesloten, brood te laat bezorgd, handoek van lijn gewaaid) 😉

    Tot 11 oktober !



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