Bonaire 22 May – 24 June 2019

Again, a perfect sail, we had a calm sea and the wind was just enough to make it a three-day trip to Bonaire. And we did even catch some fish, 2 nice Mahi Mahi, one for the freezer and one to share with friends 😊. Gayle made a perfect ceviche as a starter and perfectly grilled for our main course. I just had to sit and relax after our three days sail.

And as it is the beginning of the hurricane season it’s also time to start with a bit of work on the boat. We didn’t do much during the sailing season and the jobs we have now are just costing us a lot of time. The boat immediately is looking like a mess, we have to make some working space and are moving the stuff around. We need to varnish the interieur of the boat, all mahonia and have two small leakages which can be repaired easily. The only thing is that we have to be careful after the varnishing as it stays wet for several hours.

In the meantime, I started diving again, I try at least to go three times a week. At the beginning of this year there was a great initiative, they started with a face book page “Buddy Bonaire gezocht” gezocht means looking for. As Bonaire is quite international you can react in Dutch or English and somebody will add you on the Buddy Bonaire app. There is almost every day somebody who wants to go diving and its very easy to join. You see a lot of different diving spots on Bonaire this way. I already saw turtles, tarpons, nice coral and even a nurse shark. Bit scary but my buddies acted normal and the shark was sleeping in his cave.

Well as Ronald is not in to the water sports, he is exercising on his guitar and quite improving himself. The music sounds good, his voice needs a little bit of training 😊.

When there is a clean-up at Bonaire they need dinghies to put the rangers on the land and get the garbage of the island. It is impossible to go with a big boat on land because of the coral. With a dinghy it just goes but it is still difficult to avoid the coral because of the breaking waves. There is a lot of garbage on the island most plastic bottles but also flip flops and tires. Three hours is not enough to clean up Klein Bonaire but everything helps and it makes you even more aware of this problem.

The cruisers community on Bonaire got a boost this season, Susie on Stargazer does the net every day on channel 77. We have hamburger night every Wednesday and a special 2-hours happy hour on Thursday from 17.00 – 19.00 at Bistro de Paris. And on Sunday, when Bistro the Paris is closed, Patrick lets use us the terrace for the cruiser’s potluck at 18.00. So, we are very busy, there are not enough hours in a day at the moment.

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  1. ma

    Prachtig verhaal weer en de foto’s zijn geweldig. Fijn dat er mogelijkheid is om met anderen te duiken en thuis verwelkomt te worden door prachtige ( ? ) gitaarmuziek 😍😍


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