Bequia, Martinique, Nederland, Frankrijk, january 2019

A writer’s block or just a busy social live 😊 a short update.

We got a perfect weather window after new year to sail to Martinique, we left 4.00 in the morning and arrived already at 17.00 in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia. Again, a quick sail. We stayed illegally for one day because of the weather and got again a perfect sail to Sainte Anne, Martinique.

Chapter Two donated us a yoghurt maker and it works fantastic. You need a little yoghurt with Bifid us culture, add some milk and the next day you have new yoghurt, you can also use milk powder that means less storage.

We enjoy a few hikes with Chapter Two and enjoy the weather before we leave the boat on a mooring buoy in Le Marin. A mooring buoy costs €12, – a day or € 110, – a month, they bring you ashore and watch your boat, now wonder that there are almost no moorings free. Luckily, we reserved in time.

In Holland and also in France its cold, the temperature difference is more than 30 degrees. On the boat somewhere deep under we found long trousers, hats and gloves and whit a lot of layers the cold was doueble.

In Holland is was very beautiful with the snow, the central heating was put higher just for us and the food and wine, we had still some leftovers from our old wine cellar, helped us also to get us warm. Ronald did even try to make brownies and well they looked good and tasted good, but a little bit of exercise is needed, the one he did on the boat was taste full but unpresentable. We did gain a lot of kilo’s, an extra layer against the cold 😊. It was wonderful to see family and friends, it was just a week but it was perfect, in October we will be back.

In France with my parents we did a little bit of hiking. Up and down to the Pont du Gard, one and a half hours and its was very special because there was nobody on the Pont du Gard.

Of course, we went to the Decathlon and bought new hiking shoes, a camel bag and everything which was suddenly in our bag 😊. And we played Mexican Train Domino with my parents, we learned to play this game in Jamaica and had a lot of fun. Also in France the food, my mother and I tried a lot of special dishes, and especially the French wine were very good.

We were allowed to take 23 kilo each and yes, we managed just to stay under it. Specially in Holland we buy a lot, well most of it is boat stuff.

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