Monthly Archives: October 2019

Curaçao, 26-8 / 18-9 2019

A nice sailing trip in light winds, we don’t stop at Klein Curacao, we need the time to prepare Fairy Queen for a longer stay on the hard. No fish, well we did catch something but it was too big and we had to let it go. We have a lovely spot at Curacao Marine, a nice big pontoon and we still have a little breeze at that spot. We need it, even the marine has changed the times because of the heat, the start at 6.00 every morning. We have two weeks time to empty and clean the boat a lot of work but we are going to leave her for almost a year. I did forget about a box of sugar but luckily Dominique of SY True Bleu is going to solve that for me 🙂 🙂 .

And well, of course we do a small job, the deck saloon is going to be painted. Sanding, plastering and paint it with two component paint, a bit more work as we expected and it needs another layer when we come back but for the first time with two component paint it’s not bad at all.

The leakage of our rudder is going to be solved when we are away so Fairy Queen is “almost” ready when we come back, well a bit dusty but I also made a cover to protect the teak deck and maybe a little less dust …….

But also time for fun, it’s too hot to work al weak each day. Together with our friends and the pattendales Pip and Jem from Wild Bird we go to the beach, bit snorkelling, swimming and doing nothing for a while. Every Friday there is a barbecue at the marine, organised by Onno, meat is arranged, cost around $6,-, the bar is open and you are asked to bring a side dish if you want. And of course also busy with a drink here and some diner overthere, some friends we just miss as they are arriving in Curaçao and we are leaving, a pitty but somewhere we meet again 🙂 .

The last week, when Fairy Queen is on the hard, we have an apartment with air-conditioning and a washing machine with hot water and a program that takes up to 3 hours 🙂 , time to do some serious washing.

The day before we leave we put on the shade cover and leave our “house” for a long while. We are going to have a sabbatical of sailing and go travel over land in Asia, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam are on the list. But first we go a few weeks to France and to the Netherlands 🙂 .