Monthly Archives: October 2018

Curacao, time to go sailing

A short update because tomorrow we are leaving Curacao. We did a lot of work but we are ready to go, you have to stop else you are only working on your boat and not enjoying her. And what would we do without a little job now and then 😊.

We closed the deck, no leakages any more, after the last weeks a lot of rain felt and well the boat was “dry”. Also a new dinghy cover is ready, in the colours of the boat and whit the right material, kilo’s of electric cable we took out of the boat, useless or replaced by new calbes, anti-fouling, our electric anchor winch goes up and down, never did before, and a second freezer is almost ready, job when we are getting bored.

But also a little vacation with Ronalds mam, his sister, brother in law and nice, a fantastic week in which we finally saw the island.

After doing a lot of shopping, with a new shopping bag made by Gayle from Wild Bird, we go together with Wild Bird and Franszeska to Los Roque and after only one night further to Martinique. Last year we mist a window, that will not happen again 😊. Fairy Queen is ready and so are we, lets go sailing.