Monthly Archives: August 2018

Curaçao, half way hurricane season

A rainy day in Curaçao, we wake up late, most of the time we are early birds and wake up when the sun is shining through our window above our bed. We have a Sunday breakfast with eggs, talk a bit about the work we wanted to do today and then it is already time to look at the Formula 1 because we are fan of Max Verstappen. Before we know we are already half way the day and that makes us a bit uncomfortable. Two months we are already in Curacao Marine and we want to be ready with everything half October. The list was long this time but we are seeing some light. The longest and hardest job was the reparation of our teak deck, our front hedge was leaking and after we repaired it the damage of the leakage was more than we had expected.

The balsa deck on the portside was totally wet and had to be removed and build up again. It was a bit strange because we didn’t have any leakage in the front except of the hedge. Also, the dorado boxes where not installed properly and gave us problems with the balsa and yes already repaired 😊. This Sunday we were not the happiest people when we discovered to other leakages, luckily small ones and to be solved in a whim.

We naturally did also a lot of jobs to make the boat more cruiser friendly, we installed the gas bottle of 15 kilo on the outside of the railing in a stainless-steel   holder. Our wind steering system got his one parking space, no dismantling any more when we are in the anchorage only park it on the parking spot and we can use our swimming platform and we have more space in the front cabin. The first stack pack, well the small one for the mizzen, is ready and mounted on the beam easy layer the sail up and down. And almost forgot the best part, there is a shining ceiling above our bed after almost 20 months, we can see ourselves in the painted like a mirror ceiling 😊. We also replaced the lagers of the furler of the genua, this was very necessary as the sail was not rolling smoothly at all and now we discovered why.


The sail rite is on the table at this moment, after putting all the stuff somewhere else, for some needle work and the salon looks normal again, Fairy Queen is getting a boat where you can live on more and more.




But we also do other things beyond working. The first time in Curacao tall ships are arriving and staying for three day in which time you can visit them. They are education ships for the navy and they sail around south America, it is very impressive and everything is big, big, big, especially the flags 😊. Of course, there is the possibility to see the world cup football and we see France win the world cup 2018.



Ronald started playing his guitar thanks to Rene from Pimentao who invited us for several music nights. The repertoire of Ronald has improved as well as his guitar play so next season there will be definitely some music nights.



August is the month of parties, my birthday and our wooden wedding, we wed 5 years ago in Willemstad, Netherlands and its quite special to celebrate our 5th anniversary in Willemstad, Curacao. We have diner at seaside terrace, feet in the sand, went to Barbara beach for some swimming and just lying in a beach chair and we had nice drinks and food at Boca 19.

The 4th of august there was a flea market for boot stuff and more, every first Saturday of the month in August, September and October. We did well, we sold our small diving gear and bought some parts we may need, we even ended up with a washing machine nobody wanted for free. We haven’t had the time to try it yet, but if we don’t like it, it just goes to the next flea market.

Thursday is captain’s diner at the Pier, where we meet fellow sailors and talking about food Ronald is the one who bakes the bread which goes very well and now he is trying to bake a cake. It looks good, it smells good but its raw inside. It will take a little more practice but I have good hope two out of three is a good beginning.