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Bonaire – Curaçao, 14/5 – 28/5

Before we leave for Curaçao it’s time for a little holiday. Drinks at Kareltje, diner with Roos on the Vagebond and of course a little bit of diving. Time flies away and before we know it we are off to Curaçao. The last sailing trip this season and it is really a good one.

We sail the whole trip, catch, after a real fight, a big Mahi Mahi almost six kilo’s of fish and the Pontjesbridge opens when we are arriving. And the same day we already cleared in at customs, most of the time we are not that quick.

And then … the preparations for our “big” jobs can begin. Luckily we already ordered a lot of stuff at Island Water World Curacao a few months ago and almost everything is waiting for us. The rest will arrive with the boat from St. Maarten at the end of July or beginning August. After cleaning the spray hood it appeared that I also had to stitch it. During stitching there was a loud pop and a lot of smoke, the sewing machine died. A new investment has to be made, not good for our budget, because we want a Sailrite, THE sewing machine for sailors. We also impregnated the spray hood with Starbrite and it really works. When we put the spray hood on the boot the seams gave up so ….. Sailrite is ordered.

There is still some time to do some work in advance, the more we do the sooner we can go back on anchor.

Time is really going very fast as today we are already flying to Holland to celebrate my mother’s 80th birthday. We are looking forward having a celebration!!!!!

Bonaire 28-4 / 13-5

444 nautical miles 210° from St. John to Bonaire, wind 16 to 20 knots, estimated speed 5.3 knots an hour. Well it will take us four nights and three days, we did put the second reef the mainsail as we were going way to fast and arrived the 1st of May early in the morning. Terry from Sisu was already waiting for us and arranged a perfect mooring. We had a very easy crossing, the fishing though was a different thing. We catch a small Mahi Mahi, just for one meal and when I was cleaning it the reel began to run and within a few minutes 600 feet of line was gone, the line broke, with the fish and unfortunately our Pinky Princess we got from AriB. We did not catch any other fish, not one, only lost two lures and another 300 feet of line.

Well we hoped to have a nice diner whit some fresh catch fish with Sisu but we ended up to drink two bottles of fizzies to celebrate that they were married in Grenada in April secretly. We slept very well that night.

Next day we notice that our beam is not hanging straight anymore and discover that the gooseneck is twisted. How that happened, we don’t know, we had no gusty winds, two reefs in the mainsail and only 24 knots max. Fortunately we go to Holland next month and our rigger will help us out on this problem 🙂 .

And then the highlight of this episode, Ronald has been turned 50. We celebrate it together with Sisu on the day before Ronald turns 50. Sisu is leaving for Curacao on Monday so it’s a wise thing to celebrate it a day earlier. So two days of celebration, balloons, a bandana (your hair gets thinner when you are getting 50) lightening cups, a beautiful poem written and recite by Terry and a three course dinner with fizzies, wine and port wine.

After that a very good night of sleep. We missed all the fireworks, a burning fisher boat was just passing in front of our boat, our neighbour Vagebond was hit, had luckily just some scratches, sirens on the wall but we kept on sleeping. On the 6th of May a good walk and a in the afternoon a beer and snacks at the Brewery not a bad way of celebrating your 50th.

As we didn’t catch fish ourselves we have to buy it and just in front of the boat the fishermen where waiting on the fish, Masbango, to swim in their net. It is an old tradition catching the fish this way. The net is put in the water like an L-shape. Three fishermen waiting in a small boat, one man on the wall with a line so he can pull the boat, three people snorkel in the water. Then a signal from the first snorkel men, the fish is arriving, and then the second snorkel men put his hand in the air, yes, no wait not yet and yes action. The fishermen in the boat drop the net, the guy on the wall is pulling the boat to the shore and the snorkel men are putting the net on the bottom of the sea. Half a school of fish is catched, the only pick out the fish they can sell. This Masbango is like a mackerel but not that fat, just fry it with some lemon, jammy.


We are also preparing for our summer season where we have to do some maintenance at the boat. We have a very stubborn leakage in our bathroom and have already removed the ceiling. We also have to do a lot of caulking as the Sikaflex we used is good for Europe but not in this climate, it gets sticky and give off colour. We already installed our new bookshelf in our sleeping quarters but the ceiling is still not there, also a job for the summer.