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Puerto Rico, 26-2 / 16-3



We arrive, after a nice (motor) sail trip under the coast of Haiti and Dominica Republic after 5 days in Puerto Rico. Instead to be welcomed by fishermen in old tree canoes we are welcomed by peddle boarders and water scooters, a totally different world.


We have an appointment here in the harbour with Luis Santos, a guy who knows everything about water makers and within two days everything is here. Well, first we have to arrange that we get Luis at our ship 🙂 . Our Clark pump is waiting for him on the table and after waiting, waiting … three days later Luis arrives with the new end cap. He cleans and polish the inside of the tubes, gives Ronald some o-rings and after re-building and testing it works perfectly without any leakages.

On the boardwalk opposite the harbour there is a lot of music and we have a lovely time there. Everybody who wants to join the band can do so and we just sit, relax, have a drink and watch the people making music and see them dancing. HĂ©ctor Lavoe is born in Ponce and he did put the salsa music on the map and he is popular by the old and the young Puerto Ricans. And as all the great artists he dies to early on the age of 46, drugs, sex and salsa ….

As we want to anchor in the bay it appears that our anchor winch is not working, bagger. It cost us one and a halve day to find the problem, a bad connection, clean it and anchor is working again. We ordered the membrane and have the time to visit the island now by car. Rented the car with Popular Auto, got a new car with only 4.000 miles on the meter for US$ 35,- a day, it drives perfectly. We visit Old San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, wonderful. And went to the West Marine shop were we did find a gasoline fuel filter which divides the water and dirt from the gasoline, very handy.

Next day we go hiking in the dry forest, well it appears not to be so dry and has a lot of mosquitoes but it is a good hike and lovely to feel your body again.

Last day we go to Ponce, the old fire department is a must see and is really special. We drink the local coffee from the mountains just above Ponce and it is good coffee. At this moment the coffee trees are still recovering from Irma and we can’t visit them but next year everything will be fine again. Also the rainforest is still recovering from Irma, it is open but not so nice walking around at this moment. A good reason to go back another time.

And if you have a car you have to do your shopping, our “wine cellar” was empty and now it’s full again J, we can go. We will miss the grocery and fruit market on Saturday in Ponce because tomorrow we go further in the direction of Vieques out of the marina, anchoring is better 🙂 .