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Ile a Vache, Haïti 16-2 / 25-2

Bahia las Aguillas, no, we are not going to make that, the weather window is shrinking and we just can make it until Ile à Vache, so that’s what we do, weather rules. Just before we are leaving our water maker breaks down, a crack in a cylinder which is impossible to repair. Back to the time when we didn’t have a water maker, we top up our tanks (500 litres) and three to four weeks must be possible before we need water again. In Puerto Rico there is an agent of Spectra and in two days they can have our parts, they say. The agent of Spectra is a live-aboard in Ponce, the harbour we want to go to when we arrive in Puerto Rico, very convenient 🙂 . Our sail to Ile à Vache is a good one, seas are not that high and the wind, as always more than predicted, comes from a nice angle. Or is it that our sailing is improving, whit all four sails, mizzen, reefed mainsail, jib and reefed genoa we sail quit close-hauled. In the night we wanted to reef our mizzen because winds are getting stronger but a wave set Ronald on his wrong leg an hanging on the sail a big …… torn appears. We are going to repair that immediately in Ile à Vache, we can’t miss our mizzen for the close-hauled sailing.

The evening we arrived in Ile à Vache we are eating langouste and salad whit a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

The reparation of the mizzen sail is going very well, a part by hand and a part with the sewing machine. Thanks to Wild Bird for the material, we used the old sails we got from Gail to make shopping bags but this is for now a better second live 🙂 .

It appears that we are getting a fantastic weather window to go east at the end of the week. A big depression on the northern Atlantic is the cause that there is less wind in our region so we can go east more easy. Later in the week the wind is even coming from the west, but we are not going to wait for it 🙂 . Davide, our favourite boat boy, is getting some extra fuel for us on the main island and we also go with him to the market to shop for the next week. The market is only on Monday and Thursday and takes a walk of more than one our over hills and along the coast.

We discover why the name of Ile à Vache (island of cow) is as it is. The cows grow up here and are transported by small fishing boat without a motor, to the big island. The cow is walking through the water, the front legs are put on the boat and then they are turning the tail so the cow will jump on the boat. Four cows in a sailing boat of 8 meters long, and four people aboard go for a sail of 10 miles, chapeau!!

The market is crowded with people, there is a lot of vegetables, a bit fruit, chicken but also shoes and clothes. You can also buy live stock like a pig you just tie on your luggage carrier, well if you can stand the noise they make.

Ile à Vache is a stay over worthy, white beaches, palm trees, blue sea, fisherman who sell lobster and fish and at night it is really dark.

There is no electricity on the island and people depend on small solar panels where they can charge their phones. But internet is available and you can buy a data card 🙂 🙂 .

Bowden Harbor, Jamaica 28-1 / 11-2

We love the east side of Jamaica, it’s the part of the country were the farmers live and the fisherman still paddle in their boats to catch some fish. We are waiting for a weather window to go east and already bought some jugs (empty vegetable jugs) so we have lots of diesel because we don’t know what we can expected. We also do not want to buy diesel in Haiti. To stay here in Bowden Harbor is not a punishment and with the Rhapsody and Migrator we have a very busy “social” live.

We go together to Port Antonio where we expect an chandelier because there is a very nice harbor but no shops with stuff for your boat but it is a nice village, quite rich with huge villa’s, nice jerk chicken (best place is at Piggy’s 🙂 ) and lovely ice-cream at Devon’s.


When you are in Jamaica you cannot leave without visiting the Bob Marley museum in Kingston town so together with Rhapsody we take a taxi. The driver put on some music of Bob Marley and shows us the statue, which we didn’t know about. The influence Bob Marley has had on Jamaica is spectacular. In his short live, he died at the age of 36 he’s made 300 numbers in the nine years he was an artist. He had contact with world leaders and with the poor Jamaicans who could visit him in his house in Kingston town just for some talking. After the day in the city it is time to do something totally different.

We go shrimp fishing, Migrater has a net which you have to throw away and if you pull it there must be shrimps in it, no way 🙂 . The fishermen on the shore are watching us and offer us the use their shrimp net and give us some advice. Result a lot of sour muscles and three shrimps 🙂 .

Collar (Richard) asks us to visit the bar of his brother, he is a DJ and will look after the music. Well, if he can serve some food, we will be there. Next day we hear the music already as we are heading to the bar, there are a lot of speakers in the garden and if we are sitting in the more peaceful surrounding of the bar on the other side of the road, a car stops, opens his trunk and it is full of speakers, wow it is a lot of noise. It is a great evening, the food is fantastic, pumpkin rice, chicken and fish with okra. Collar, our DJ is also the cook and after diner fisherman come to sing with the beat. Ronald also sings something, well look for yourselves (we place the link for the movie shortly 🙂 ) .

As the weather is still not good to go east we have another wish on our list, a hike to the Reach falls, and Brimbelle and Livingstone, who also arrived in our bay join us too. The pusher of the bus has contacted a friend of his and with Dorian we go to the Reach falls. We just hike to the river and trough the different falls that gets bigger and bigger. At the end we see the big fall, the one where the film Cocktail with Tom Cruise is shot but we are not allowed to go in that fall, it is from the government and has to be paid for. We are so happy we went with Dorian, the hike was beautiful, wonderful, adventurous and fantastic. The water is clear, cool but not cold en the stones are not slippery. When we are waiting for the bus back a Rastafarian Asher Lion sings a song he composed himself from his album Top Road, another present 🙂 .

And finally it looks that there is a window for us to go east. It looks that we can go on Friday the 16th, well it can be a day earlier or later, to Bahia de las Aguilas in the Dominican Republic. Bahia de las Aguilas is a desolated bay with crystal clear water and white beaches, our reward, after we have struggled our way against the current and headwind to this bay. But this afternoon there is crepes prepared by Brimbelle and tomorrow a last time Domino at the Migrater and after that, our small floating village will split up. We will miss each other but who knows where we will meet again? 🙂 .