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Willemstad, Curaçao, (2)

When we left for Europe, our Fairy Queen was very clean and neat. It took us two days to achieve this state it was really a mess, we were working everywhere on the boat.

The fridge was a big job as we did want to save the cooling element. Tearing it down was easy and building it with epoxy was going very well, you just have to take the time and not be in a rush. Well that is not to hard J . After painting the fridge it appeared even to be better than we wished, less than 30% of the time the element is on and the freezer is working too, so we will have ice cubes.

The manifold was and is another job. We have only one hole in the boat as an entrance for all our water and after the valve is the distributor (manifold). There were different kinds of taps of different materials and it was also corroded so we are going to change it in reinforced plastic. This is a new kind of plastic that is resistant to everything even against freezing, not really a problem now but you never know where you are going.



Here in France we are enjoying ourselves, the sun is shining, and the wine tastes very good, feels like a holiday 🙂 .

We are even going to play golf, revanche, last year Ronald did win the game so …… Next week we go back to the Netherlands to meet family and friends, love that too but we also miss our life a board of the Fairy Queen!!

Willemstad, Curaçao (part one)

After a lot of fun in Grenada and Bonaire time to do some serious jobs on our Fairy Queen. In Curaçao Marina the boat is hauled out of the water. They have a tractor with a trailer which is going into the water under your boat and trailed out. They have a diver to look if everything is going well and it did 🙂 . This will be the place where we are going to work the next weeks, the first week we are sleeping on the boat but after that it will be impossible to do so as we have too many jobs on different places in the boat.

So the last two weeks we will be in an airbnb not far away from the marina. Well, which are the jobs we have on our list. Shortly: repair leakage of the gasoline tank and cleaning it, dismantle the refrigerator and build it up again, maintain the anchor winch, some work and painting in the anchor locker, sanding the rudder, dismantle the manifold, clean it and build it up with new cranes, paint the bilge, redo the cables of the batteries, painting a lot of things and of course the maintenance of the engine and the generator.


The underwater body will be repaired and painted by Curacao Marina. We thought that there were some osmosis on the ship but fortunately it only was bubbles under the coating and this is not osmosis. As we put copper coating on our rudder as a test and we were not happy with it we had to remove all of it by ourselves, it was too costly to have it done by the marina.


It took Ronald more than a day to remove everything, for four days he was sanding every morning and he looks very good now, he gained some muscles 🙂 .



The problem we had with the gasoline tank was a leakage where the air plug was connected at the tank, it was impossible for us to fill the whole tank as gasoline was pouring out of the connection. The only way to fix this problem is when the tank is empty, so now is the time. We removed the connection and replaced it on a better spot and glued a stainless steel plate on the hole with epoxy for metal, this will definitely never leak again. We also cleaned the tanks which weren’t as dirty as expected but now shiny again. The rubber for the inspection hole happens to be not gasoline proof so we are buying it in the Netherlands as they don’t have it on Curacao. Solved a problem for the future :).

As we left the Netherlands in 2014 it was very important to have two golf bags in our boat, well we didn’t play golf since we left the Netherlands so we see goodbye to one of them, sob … !!