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Kralendijk, Bonaire – Willemstad, Curaçao

We are addicted since we did graduate our diving exam. After three days theory and practice we have the licence to dive 🙂 . We did find second hand diving bottles, vests and regulators so now we can dive everywhere in the world and the most important, were ever our boat is lying.

In Bonaire it is spectacular, we are on a mooring just above the reef and can jump from our boat into this aquarium. We really have a holiday and we almost are getting tired of doing nothing. Too soon we have to leave for Curacao but not before we make a stop to celebrate my birthday on Klein Curacao.

As a present Ronald catches a big Mahi Mahi from almost 4 feet and 15 pounds. It is definitely a fish to share. When I am cleaning it a turtle is waiting for the pieces I throw in the water, it is so beautiful to see the head of the turtle just next to your boat. The next day we leave this bounty island to go to Willemstad, Curacao.

We pass the Pontjesbridge and the colourful houses on our way to Curacao Marina. Work is waiting for us, but first we have a toast on my birthday, tomorrow the 11th the “though” live will start.

Lots of things to do in the water, cleaning the boat, removing the sails, tie the dinghy and make a planning of all the things we wanted to do. On the 15th we are going out but first the fuel tanks will be emptied because we have no idée how much fuel we can have in our tanks. They pump 278 litres out of the tanks, good news, the tanks will be approximately being 350 litres. At the end of October as we are leaving the marina we will exactly now how big they are. We use whit our engine about 2,6 litre an hour, not bad at all.