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Prickley Bay, Grenada – Kralendijk, Bonaire

After being very disappointed by Budget Marine they solve our outboard engine problem very convenient. A new engine in the older, well half a year old, jacket 🙂 😉 . Thank you Budget Marina, Grenada. We have a new engine and the first 10 hours or so you may not go fast, we are still slow, but we don’t mind. We do some shopping as we are going to leave all our friends in Grenada, we will sail to Bonaire and leave the 15th of July. We have a great weather window to go, 15 to 20 knots of wind out of the east perfect. As we are leaving there is no wind at all and the little wind we have is coming from the south west ?? So we are sailing a bit up north where there will be more wind out the right direction, easterly. It is a perfect direction to try out our new wind vane. And that is a wonderful experience with Louie Louie

( ), the little vane is keeping our Fairy Queen of 19 tons in the right direction. Perfect.

We even catch a fish, well it’s a barracuda and we throw it back but it’s the first fish since ages. We are not lucky this season. After 4 nights we arrive in Bonaire and we can almost pick any mooring we want, a lot of boats are hiding in the harbor because of tropical storm Don. We were not aware that there was a storm on our tale, the gribs we received from the SSB didn’t mention a storm at all. We only got a lot of wind as we approached Bonaire with a lot of rain but that was all. In the evening hamburger night where we met a lot of “old” friends, it feels like coming home. Well Bonaire is gorgeous, we are on a mooring in blue clear water. Fish and divers are swimming under our boat, the sun is shining, wow. We are going to get our diving license, we will start on Thursday and already studied a bit in the book. We are thrilled to start with the course 🙂 🙂 .

Grenada, Prickley Bay (4)

We are still in Grenada, nothing wrong with that but we are ready to go to Bonaire. We have cleaned our hull and the propeller, we used our small diving bottle for cleaning the prop.

It was the first time we used it and the prop is shining again 🙂 🙂 . Well we heard about the stories that it is difficult to leave Grenada because of the island itself and the people you meet and it is true. We organized a hike from Grand Etang to the Concorde Waterfalls and did meet a lot of nice people again and had wonderful weather although the hike itself was heavy because of the mud.

Next day we played the game Bocci ball on the beach and had a BBQ, Bocci ball is a bit similar to Jeu de Boules but with bigger balls.

And we play the game Sequence on Time after Time, man against women so no ….. when you’re back on your own boat 🙂 🙂 . Revanche before they go back for two weeks to America and we go sailing to Bonaire. When they are back we are gone, well if our outboard is fixed. We bought this motor half a year ago at Budget Marine Sint Maarten and it appears that the cylinder gasket is leaking. Well luckily it is a case of warranty and Budget Marine Grenada is going to repair it. The ordered a new gasket and we got an outboard engine 3,5 horsepower to use, it doesn’t go that quick but we have transportation. When they get the gasket and did screw it on the motor they didn’t use a power wrench so one of the screws broke and was stucked in the motor block.

No worries, this Saturday the real mechanic will fix it and it will be ready at noon so we can leave Monday for Bonaire. Oké, but Ronald didn’t trust it this time, because of the broken screw he was very alert and followed the repair job and made pictures of it. They drilled out the screw but the new screw they put at it was a bit loose. No problem, we will fix it, just put some liquid gasket in between and ready it is. Well not for us, the mechanic himself was also not very proud of his job and wouldn’t accept it if it was his motor. Well we won’t accept it either. Monday morning we are talking to the manager and they have to find a proper solution for us. But it is Saturday and Saturday is HASH day, we can run all our frustration away and that has happened. It is up in mountains and we are slipping and sliding away, fantastic, our frustration has nearly gone.