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Grenada, Prickley Bay (3)

The tropical wave became a tropical storm named Bret. We were totally prepared and as our nerves were calmed down the waiting started. The information we got was positive for us because the eye of the storm was supposed to go over Trinidad and winds were supposed to be under 40 knots. But anyway we were busy that night. Around 22.00 hours suddenly a catamaran appeared just in front of us, there was nobody on it and dragged of his anchor. Ronald did initiate a rescue operation and Gi from Lazuli and David from Winchard II arrived immediately. We also warned the coastguard but they had nobody available at that moment. Sweden Dreams had the key of the catamaran and together Gi from Lazuli and Carlos from Sweden Dreams managed to get the motors started and got the catamaran on to a mooring. There Camu was waiting in his kayak to put the line trough the eye of the mooring ball. Very good operation which took about two hours in wind and rain. The coastgard arrived as they were heading to the mooring. One hour later we got over the net a warning from David (Winchard II) that there was a monohull coming straight at our boat. Before we could grab our fenders it past just at a meter and halve in front of us, scary. After informing the coastgard they pulled this Moody 42 out of the mangrove and put it on their pontoon, the line of the mooring was broken. This was also an unattended boat. Luckily the wind was not that bad because there are a lot of boats here in the bay which are unattended.

Last week we went also to the turtle watch, a great experience. We saw 4 Leather Bags, the biggest turtles on this planet. We saw the process of making the nest, laying the eggs and cover the nest with sand of one of the turtles, the shield was 152 centimeter and we were allowed touching this as they go in trance when they are laying the eggs. A very impressive experience, at 04.00 hours we were back at the boat and it was worth it.

Grenada, Prickley Bay (2)

We are having a lovely time in Grenada, we are quite sportive and doing a lot of work on the boat. We did buy a wind vane of the brand WIndpilot which was here within 10 days from Germany. Of course a lot of extra work but this goes first, this is fun. After we replaced the forestay we have a check of all the rigging and surprisingly there were cracks in de t-terminals of the mizzen and inner stay which is only 3 years old. On the photo’s we received we couldn’t see any cracks and after we went up in the mizzen we couldn’t find any cracks even not with monocles. After we received the quote at an amount of € 1.250,= we decided to have another rigger to look at it and he didn’t see any cracks either. The rumor is that the owner of Turbulence sometimes does this and if you need a document for your insurance you are a few boxes poorer.

As you know we like to hike. We went on Wednesday on a hike from the Great Lake to the Concorde Falls, parts of the path where disappeared so with a machete a new pad was made. Saturday of course the runners trail of the HASH which we this time even for a great deal ran. And on Monday again Great Lake to the Concorde Falls in a lot of rain it was very slippery but again a challenge.

Also we have nice evenings with fellow cruisers and we have lots of new recipes to try out.

Today the 19 June 2017 it is exact 3 years ago that we left Willemstad in Holland. Well and the weather has a surprise for us, no super in a fancy restaurant. We are making the boat ready because there is a storm under its way to Grenada. Bonaire was not an option to go to as it is possible the storm will go that way. Friends of us in Bonaire are also preparing for a possible storm. We have a 74 lbs Rocna anker, one of the best and are lying behind 60 meters of chain in 7 meter of water. Everything what can catch wind is removed from the boat there is nothing more we can do. We are not the only ones and keep in contact with each other on the VHF, just let it blow over.

Grenada, Prickely Bay

No fish caught on this trip but the sail from Carriacou to Prickley Bay Grenada was lovely. We had to change direction as a cargo ship was heading straight at us and he neglected our call on the VHF. Well another thing to arrange as we noticed later on that our VHF couldn’t send anymore. On the anchorage we meet a couple of Dutch boats, Tisento, Pimentao en Bojangels and we have a lovely evening in the Brewery. Every Tuesday evening they have a jam session, everybody who can play or sing is invited to stand on the stage. The level is quite high, Ronald has to do some practice before he can play with them 🙂 .

Thursday we had Rob from Bojengels cooking Doubles for us, a dish originally from Trinidad but lovely. This is one we will copy. And of course on Saturday the HASH from the Grenada Hash House Harriers, organized every saturday somewhere on Grenada.

An event for people who like to drink beer and have a walking problem or the other way around. We lost our virginity and got a certificate 🙂 . Tomorrow, saturday, we love to go again.

Wednesday is planned for our new forestay, we have an old Hood which is still perfectly in order. But the bronze cone which is needed is also old and not every where available. But luckily for us they have found one in an old box.  Last but not least the upper shrouds are renewed and everything is new, we hopefully will be ready for the next 10 years or so.

We also got a new kicker because we saw a little crack in the SS, when they took it of it broke immediately in two pieces. Lucky us, we were in time.

And now happily back on the anchorage, a shower on shore is perfect but staying on anchor is much better 🙂 .