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Admirality Bay, Bequia – Tyrell Bay, Carriacou

Our sail to Bequia is all about current, against us of course. After full moon the current is the strongest and that’s what we notice. We are going very slow but after a while the wind is improving and we are going very fast. Yes, the Fairy Queen is in her element and her crew too 🙂 🙂 . The last part we motor to Bequia and drop anchor there just in front of Princes Margareth Beach. It is already low season in Bequia, every day more boats leave.


We are not doing very much over here, we just enjoy the calm blue water, clean the hull, have a swim, do a round with the cano and lets Daffodil do our washes. When the boat picks up our wash, Timm Wright, the photographer, asks us if he may make pictures with his drone for the flyer of Daffodil, well sure, the pictures are great.

After a while it’s time to go further, to Carriacou, a perfect sail. We have 15 to 20 knots of wind a little from the back, it’s a sail out of the book, well if you can say it like that. We arrive at Tyrell Bay, clearance is a piece of cake and the food at Slipway is perfect. We also make a hike to Hillsborough, over the mountain and back trough the mangrove bushes ending up at Paradise Beach. The walk is not to hard, finding the small path to go over the mountain is a bit  difficult but after that it shows his own way. And of course this time also some small things to do. A bit of needle work, a cover for the feet of the mast to protect the rubber, a cover for the fuel tank in the dinghy and also a windscoop for our small windows which we have in our hull. We can open them and then the wind can funnel inside. The pattern I have received from Gayle (Wildbird) is perfect so one done five to go.  Tomorrow we are heading for Greneda where we have an appointment to change our forestay and our new coal brushes will also arriving there. Service from Rutland, well done. But before we go we are having a drink at Mr. Curly. Cheers 🙂 🙂 .

Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia

When we leave Sainte Anne we have a wonderful sail to Saint Lucia. A bit more wind as predicted but we always count with a bit more.

Rodney Bay has a shopping mall where we can go by dinghy, it’s a bit more expensive as in Martinique but there is fresh meat of Angus Beef, three times as expensive as chicken but very nice. It is also sale and of course we can’t resist buying some things. A walk to Pigeon Island and as we go back we walk across the beach. In front of the hotels with the grizzled beach and where you are being ask not to walk with your shoes over the path. And always a job to do, this time our bed. The pole is still in the middle and we want to have the bed at one side of this pole.

We saw, paint, the boat is a mess but the result is wonderful. Another problem we have is with our wind generator, it doesn’t work anymore. Looks like the same problem we had a few months ago, the carbon brush.

Up in the mast, dismantle the wind generator, clean the brushes and it is generating amps again.

Time for some beer, music and food, saterday is Ronalds birthday but Sunday we are going to sail and then it’s not a good idea to celebrate to much 🙂 .